Flutter Card Game

Posted on : December 29, 2020

From the beginning I always wanted to be a game developer. Before I started building apps with flutter I used to make simple games for various platforms with unity and cocos-2d. As the career opportunities for game makers are not that great in our country, I decided to move on application development sector. Back then In the flutter learning period I made this simple game as an experiment and in the end the final product kind of amazed me. So, I'm sharing the project here.

What is this app about?

This is a very simple and single screen app which has a list of foods. So a user have to select foods from the list and add their quantity using +/- buttons then press the send button. The app will send the summery of this food list to the nutritionist.

About this game:

  1. The name of the app is Revolutionary Solitaire
  2. A screen to read the instructions must be available and easy to find. We can agree about how.
  3. The game needs a deck of 52 Cards (no joker)
  4. Have a desktop with 16 cards face up: 4 rows and 4 columns
  5. Remaining cards are in the pick-up pile face down.
  6. The user can collect cards if they are in the range between 2 and 10 and they sum up to 27 and they are of the same colour.
  7. The user can collect cards if they are A-K-Q-J of 4 different seeds.
  8. When the user taps the deck of face down cards, all the empty places on the table are filled until there are again 16 cards face up or the deck of remaining cards is finished
  9. When the game is lost, a writing appears warning the user about the end of the game
  10. To start a new game it is ok anyhow it is easier for the developers
Revolutionary Solitaire game walk-through

Github Link.


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