one2one Diet (My first ever commissioned work) !!

Posted on : December 3, 2020

March, 2019 - still I can recall that moment when I first got a freelance project from my 1 week old fiverr account. The amount was very low (equal to my current cost of 2 working hour).

What is this app about?

This is a very simple and single screen app which has a list of foods. So a user have to select foods from the list and add their quantity using +/- buttons then press the send button. The app will send the summery of this food list to the nutritionist.

Features :

  • Uses setState().
  • send text to whatsapp using url_launcher plugin.
My first ever freelance work that I did in 2019 !! Since long time has gone by.Still this simplest single screen app has taken a special place in my mind.


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