Hello, I'm Kousik!

I build things for mobile,pc and web

I'm a developer aiming to build things that
spark joy

I believe software should be great for everyone — those who write it and those who use it — and that bringing joy to problem-solving is the key to that.

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Sometimes, I write about what I'm learning or building.

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I like to build some small projects when learning. Technologies are varied and so are their purposes. Most of them are open source!

Personal Website
Personal Website
The website you’re seeing right now. Designed to be pretty, simple, and lightweight. Read blog post
Pocket Companion
Pocket Companion
A companion app for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Manage your island, tasks and Critterpedia with this handy web app. Read blog post
A web app for managing Beauty Clinics, supporting the entire day-to-day operation, with built-in CRM, ERP and beauty-clinic specific features. I worked on this project as the lead front-end developer for over a year.
A desktop applet that displays currency rates and updates during the day. Built for elementary OS.
A simple reminder app for elementary OS, and my first experience writing native desktop apps.

Work Experience

Over the past 8+ years, I've worked on a lot of cool projects.

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Front-End Web Developer

2021 ~ Now
As an independent contractor, I've been able to build new innovative projects from scratch putting my development, planning, design and teamwork skills to the test.

Software Engineer

2019 ~ 2021
Working on one of the biggest ticket brokerage management systems in the world, I've built new features, improved existing ones, and made huge boosts to performance.
SIGE Cloud

Software Developer

2017 ~ 2019
Built new mobile apps from scratch with Ionic, a simplified desktop ERP with Electron, and modernized the existing Web version by applying the Microfrontends approach.

Software Developer

2014 ~ 2017
Developed and maintained an internal web app, adding and adapting features to the business needs. Built several APIs used by other dev teams, and integrated them with 3rd-party services.